Grand Canyon (2011-present)
Paintings and Drawings
Grand Canyon
Study Drawings (Cambodia) (2012) Study drawings in anticipation of a trip
Cambodian working drawings
24/24: A Project Space (2012)
Painting, video, performance
America 101(2008)
Painting installation in 101 parts
A Project Space
24 Portraits: Kamiyama (2008)
Painting Performance in Japan
24 Portraits: Kamiyama
Low Visibility (2008)
Photography from the road
Low Visibility
OSU 25 (2007)
Painting, Video, Performance
Low Visibility
Allegheny 16 (2007)
Painting Perfromance in Allegheny, PA
24/24: Mother Fools (2004)
Paintings, Video, Performance
Pink and Green (2003)
A painting installation in Japan
Kamiyama Nature Pilgrimage (2003)
A participatory, outdoor, printmaking
project in Japan
D.O.T. Series
Etchings from "Cheeseburger Soup,"
an artist book
Origami Paintings
Paintings about paper
24 Paintings In
24 Hours

Paintings, video, performance
Paintings everday for 6 months
Self Portraits
Figurative paintings
Russian Themes
Etchings, lithographs, monotypes, reliefs

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